Sustainable Operations

How can institutions develop policies, procedures, and systems to minimize the negative environmental impact of the products they buy? The SFO group assists public sector facilities comply with the increasing expectations to incorporate sustainability factors into their operations by providing technical assistance to develop contract language, procurement systems, and reporting requirements that can make sustainable acquisition standard operating practice.

SFO staff has supported the US Federal Energy Management Program's Energy Efficient Product Procurement (EEPP) program since its inception in the early 1990s. Ongoing contributions include market analysis to determine product categories to prioritize and high-priority products within a given product category.

Other examples of our work:

  • Development of the Contracting for Efficiency on-demand training, which offers federal contracting officers a concise introduction to the process of procuring energy-efficient products and includes actionable guidance as it applies throughout the contracting process
  • Creation of a solicitation review tool to further understand what federal agencies buy and how to increase energy-efficient product procurement in the federal sector. Results show that federal compliance with the requirement to purchase energy-efficient products is below 50%. However, variation in compliance exists between different agencies and offices. FY15 full report is available here
  • Planning, recruiting, outreach, and financial analysis that helped enable the 2015 launch of the Federal Aggregated Solar Procurement Project (FASPP), the nation’s first federal partnership to purchase solar power across multiple agencies
  • Support for the Green the Capitol initiative, which was in effect from 2007-2011
  • Participation in the international Super Efficient Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative Procurement Working Group.

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