Institutional Change

Public sector institutions around the world are changing how they do business, moving toward incorporating environmental sustainability. In the U.S. federal sector, achieving goals specified in statutes and executive orders, such as EO 13693 “Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade,” requires such a change.

Incorporating sustainability into the way organizations operate requires a fundamental shift in policies, management roles, and business processes and systems. LBNL provides policy and technical support to help public sector institutions successfully implement sustainability initiatives. Our approach includes leveraging the latest social science findings to help agencies achieve their sustainability goals.

Examples of the resources and activities we provide:

  • A five-step framework to implement institutional change for sustainability

  • Case studies highlighting successful examples of institutional change

  • Webinars that teach participants how to implement institutional change (e.g. part of EPA’s Federal Green Challenge)

  • In-person workshops and training events (e.g. annual workshop at the Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference conference and Energy Exchange)

  • Online training for federal facility managers to access learning material on-demand

  • Hands-on technical assistance.

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